Crash Block

Moveable Crash Block

Mobility and a maintenance-free design are key features that give the Moveable Crash Block a performance edge over similar crash walls on the market.

The Moveable Crash Block consists of armed concrete with massive steel plates mounted on all impact surfaces. It utilizes the crawler technology to enable relatively low surface pressure (45N/mm2) for these massive devices. This allows the Block to be driven around the test ground without damaging the crossing tracks as well as allowing the Moveable Crash Block to rotate in place – providing the flexibility to test on all four impact wall surfaces if necessary. Using a simple joystick, it can be easily repositioned or lifted with a built-in hydraulic crawler track.

    Key Features
    • Self-powered using integrated crawler track
    • Up to four impact surfaces
    • Moveable on uneven floor surfaces
    • Standard hydraulic components for simple maintenance
    • User-friendly control using joysticks
    • Detachable driving unit for ease of use
    • Overhead guardrail (can be used to secure camera)
    4.6 x 4.6 x 2.0 m 181.1 x 181.1 x 78.7 in

    The Moveable Crash Block comes in the standard dimensions of 4.6 m x 4.6 m x 2 m but can be customized upon request.

    • In-place rotation (90° turn in ~10sec)
    • Light floor pressure at 45N/mm2
    • Moving speed up to 0.3m/s
    • 2.5MN/750kN impact force (secured/unsecured block)

    For a full list of model regulations, please contact a member of the Humanetics team.

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