Free Motion Headform (FMH) Positioning Kit

Free Motion Headform (FMH) Positioning Kit

  • Standard FMH Positioning Kit TE-110-6GG
  • Adjustable FMH Positioning Kit TE-110-ADJ-6GG

The Humanetics Free Motion Headform Positioning Kit is an aiming tool for the accelerator units used to launch the Free Motion Headform in compliance with FMVSS 201 – “Occupant protection in interior impact”. Various models are available to accommodate different accelerator stroke lengths and adjustability.

Key Features
  • TE‐110‐6G
    • Clear plastic head mounted on an extruded aluminum beam
    • Forehead scribed with a target pattern
    • A digital protractor, line laser, and bubble level alignment features
  • TE‐110‐ADJ‐6G (same essential features as TE-110-6G):
    • Adjustable positioning with additional laser pointing forward
    • Mounted on a slide allowing vertical and horizontal motion
    • Target area on the face marked with a 12.5 mm square grid
    • Drilled holes at 20 of the grid intersections to allow the forward laser beam to exit
    • Length of the beam is adjustable for different strokes
  • Aiming tool for the Free Motion Headform (FMH) accelerator launch units

For a full list of model regulations, please contact a member of the Humanetics team.

  • Class II vertical & horizontal lasers
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